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Our Mission Mission

We’re passionate about contributing to the massive value technology and innovation bring to our lives everyday. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to support the organizations driving this innovation with the amazing people they need to accelerate their vision and build products that will change the world.

We are:

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  1. 01Obsessed with supporting innovation in technology
  2. 02Connecting incredible people with world class organizations
  3. 03Accelerating product delivery with talent execution

Curated Opportunities Opportunities

We believe exceptional people should be particular about the companies and roles they consider. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of opportunities with some of the most exciting software organizations in the country. If we’re working with them we guarantee they’ll have amazing culture, teams, leadership, and are building game-changing products.

Want to:

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  1. 01Work with bleeding edge tools and technology?
  2. 02Collaborate with incredibly smart people?
  3. 03Create revolutionary software products?

Targeted Engagement Targeted

We understand the calibre of individual it takes to create innovative technology products. That’s why we focus our efforts on engaging and building relationships with people who are formidable; they’re passionate, intelligent, driven humans, who want to work in organizations where they’re challenged everyday and contribute to a culture of excellence.

Need to:

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  1. 01Build a team that can create complex software?
  2. 02Tap into the heart of a hard to reach talent pool?
  3. 03Create a culture of productivity and innovation?

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If you’re looking for an opportunity to push the boundaries of technology, work with incredibly smart people on challenging problems and craft software that will reach millions, we should talk.

We are:

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  1. 01Technology focused
  2. 02Always transparent
  3. 03Deeply connected

Happy Customers

Technology Focused

We’re obsessed with understanding and overcoming the unique challenges of scaling rapidly growing technology teams

This obsession allows us to deliver our partners with unparalleled results every step of the way.

Fit First

A company is more than a job description or a website, in exactly the same way a job seeker is more than a CV or portfolio. That’s why the first thing we do is conduct a deep assessment of your culture or personality, your requirements or skills. This discovery process allows us to create an alignment of culture and competency for any opportunity we pursue.

Our Clients

Our clients build extraordinary products - from cloud native platforms with users in the hundreds of millions, to world recognized media brands, to trillion dollar industry disruptors - we represent some of the most highly regarded technology companies and we want to help you connect with them.

Curated Networks

We’ve selectively curated a network of the most incredible technology companies in the world because we know these are the places you want to work. We take the same approach with job seekers, ensuring that we connect with individuals who are passionate, capable, and relentless in their pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Strategy & Tactics

Our talent engagement strategy is based on a multi-pronged approach; utilizing omni channel marketing tactics, emerging recruitment tools, machine learning, social media and good old-fashioned direct human contact to ensure we’re building relationships with the world class talent you need to fuel your expansion.

Candidate Experience

We’ll be there every step of the way, giving you feedback on your skills, presentation and resume. We’ll help you prepare for each step of the interview process and mediate the best outcome on any offer that’s made. We’ll never leave you hanging and will work relentlessly to provide you with the feedback you deserve when an engagement doesn’t work out.

Incredible Opportunities

Our promise to you, the job seeker, is that we will only represent companies that are at the forefront of technology and whose products, teams, leadership and culture are peerless. The bottom line is, if they aren’t, we don’t work with them.

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