We Build World Class

Technology Teams

We’re a passionate, technology focused agency created to overcome the unique hiring challenges faced by high growth software companies. Our small hyper focused team is obsessively committed to building a network of relationships with the most talented technology professionals in the world. We spend our days perfecting our technical evaluation, marketing strategies and outreach tactics.

A promise to our candidates

We’ll be there every step of the way, giving you feedback on your skills, presentation and resume. We’ll help you prepare for each step of the interview process and mediate the best outcome on any offer that’s presented. We’ll never leave you hanging and will work tirelessly to provide you with the feedback you deserve when an engagement doesn’t work out.

The “Right” Opportunities

Our clients build extraordinary products, have amazing culture and massive vision - from cloud native platforms with users in the hundreds of millions, to world recognized media brands, to trillion dollar industry disruptors - we represent some of the most highly regarded technology companies out there and we want to help you connect with them.

Fit First

A company is more than a job description or a website, in exactly the same way a job seeker is more than a CV or portfolio. That’s why our process starts with is a deep assessment of your culture or personality, your requirements or skills. This discovery allows us to focus on the alignment of culture and competency and ensures we’re moving forward with a fit first approach.

We help some of the world's most incredible software companies find and hire people in engineering, product & design.

If you want to join a team building software that reaches millions and makes an impact get in touch because we can help.

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